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Jillian Otten

Jillian Otten is the Marketing Communications Manager at USA Digital Media Services. Jillian earned both her B.A. in Advertising as well as a M.A. in Strategic Communications from Michigan State University in 2019. 

Jillian directs USA Digital Media, a strategic communications agency that serves labor unions, joint apprenticeship training committees and related associations. USA Digital Media specializes in creating and executing quality custom communications and content to reach and engage your target audience. Jillian helps clients understand how new media techniques can be used for apprentice recruitment, community building, member organizing and advertising. She specializes in digital media strategy, online data analysis and branding & image communication. 

She has been a featured speaker at the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Funds (IFEBP) annual conference as well as many other industry conferences related to Unions, Union Apprenticeships and Benefit Plans. Jillian currently serves as Treasurer of the National Association of Women in Construction Lansing Chapter. 

Her keen understanding of marketing in the digital age makes sure you are using the right messages and tools for your audience, topic and platform.